Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Lament for the Eagle- A Pentalogue

On the 28th day of Jan, 2010, Ghana presented a collection of gallant young men in the absence of the regular black stars to pip Nigeria 1-0 in the semifinal of AFCON 2010 in Angola. As a friend of Nigeria, I write this lament as commiserations for my many great friends and colleagues in  Nigeria.

Out of Angola, ululations all over

Out of Nija, a call to the mourners

Cry my beloved Country, weep daughters of eko

Who shall believe our tale, to whom shall we tell our story

A humble pie for dinner o eagle, not so super

An eagle so entangled, its gaffer so beleaguered

The wings robbed of span, the eyes robbed of vision

Blindly it flaps for space, dazzled by the light of miniature Stars

Deliciously baked by a Chef, Gyan is his name

Here is your humble pie o eagle, not so Super

150 million voices so silenced, for once NEPA can be forgiven

The darkness is a solace, it hides our grief

Out of 150 million, we failed to find Men

To mend the wings of the eagle, to put the shine out of baby Stars

Eat your humble Pie o eagle, not so super

Where is the lamb, sacrifice him for this abomination

The Gaffer the gaffer, Yes Amadou the gaffer

The most successful Gaffer, who jumped higher than Vogts

Yet he stands accused, because the eagle contends with chickens

Eat your humble pie o eagle , not so super

A reprimand from Aso rock, a rebuke from Saudi Arabia

A sacrifice for Agbala, or a meal for Amadioha

Give him to shango , Maybe Oduduwa

East to West, even the gods reject him

Eat your humble pie o eagle, not so super

Who shall lead our battalion, who is the commander

Kanu, or Yobo

Ayigbeni, or Odemwinge

We miss you Okocha, find us a successor

Eat your humble pie o eagle, not so super

Fight not against your destiny, it is inscribed in the stars

The eagles rest on the mountains, but the stars are in the heavens

They rise in the east, and set in the west

No more controversy, the stars rule the west

Eat your humble pie o eagle, not so super

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