Wednesday, October 7, 2009

How Much is Your Blessing?

Dear Brutus,

Did you watch Adebayor against Arsenal in the English Premier league? He picked his spot, delivered a stunning header that beat Almunia who was manning the posts for Arsenal, It was a goal!. He took off like a cheetah that has spotted a prey in the forests of the Kalahari. I don’t know if anybody timed the run but I suspect it will be the envy of many world class sprinters. He had one aim, to present himself to the arsenal fans who have thrown unprintable insults at him before and during the game. They wished for his downfall but “tofiakwa”, his God is a God of judgment. He has promised in his word “My head will be lifted up above my enemies around me”. He ended the run with a skid in front of the agitated fans from London, he didn’t utter a word but his posture said it all- enemy shame! See what has become of me. Many from his homeland in West Africa praised God for their beloved, but that is when they were thrown into stupor. It must be a culture shock. All the press in England went crazy. Senseless, Silly, and nonsensical were some of the adjectives used to describe his 90 yard dash celebration. What has he done wrong? He just celebrated a goal.

Brutus, some background will be helpful. In this part of Africa, governments provide us with nothing, so we learn to depend on God so much. Things you take for granted in Europe are miracles in our world. To hold a simple election in Ogyakrom for instance, we have to start fasting one year before the election so that only a few people will be killed in isolated incidence of madness. Malaria is a well known disease with a well defined cure yet thousands die of malaria. Through the hard way we have learnt to depend on God. That is why we don’t play with our religion. Majority of Ogyakromians believe an ensemble of witches have been assigned to orchestrate nothing but destruction against them. These witches are usually unassuming people during the day but suddenly metamorphose into powerful owls that sore to heights that confound the eagle. It is therefore very important that all Ogyakromians keep a diary of people who “look at them in some way”. They will be the subject of their prayer topic during the next retreat.

So when it comes to dealing with enemies, we don’t spare a prayer against them. It is common to see phrases “like let my enemy live long and see what I will be in future” boldly inscribed on vehicles. We love to “pepper” our enemies with our success no matter how small. When a woman gets a new cloth from her daughter, it is not only flaunted in the face of other contenders in the village, but the message is made complete through lyrical finesse laden with innuendos. Simply put, our success is incomplete if our enemies don’t see what has become of us.

In this light, when we saw Adebayor’s celebration, we knew his blessing was complete. In fact Pastors wrote new blessings for their congregations.
“Your feet shall be anointed as Adebayor’s and you will run before the enemy and you will not faint”.
“May the blessings of Adebayor over take you.”

But alas, before they could deliver these great blessings to their congregations everybody went hey wire in England. And the biggest shock, Adebayor has been fined £25 000 for his celebration! Is that the cost of a blessing? Even the bible agrees that we celebrate before our enemies. Do you remember the very popular Psalm 23:5? “Thou prepared a table before me, in the presence of my enemies”. So why are the guys who showed us the direction to the bible putting such a high cost to a blessing?

The English FA has caused a lot of commotion in Ogyakrom. My bosom friend called ‘Thy Will Be Done’ came home downcast the other day. He was just returning from a Pastor who has been praying with him to find a beautiful wife. The pastor has got a new revelation. Every Blessing has a cost, and the Pastor has published the price list for various blessings.
A blessing to overcome your enemies: ¢25 000
A blessing to buy a new car ¢1000
A blessing to Pass Exams ¢2500
A blessing for a wife: ¢10 000

At that point he stopped reading. His whole world collapsed instantly, he will never be able to afford a wife. Brutus what consolation could I offer him? I could only say, “Oh God! Thy Will be Done, it is well”. And I hope it doesn’t come with a cost.

Sincerely yours



  1. Hello Efo,

    What a write up.. quite inspiring.

    But how can Adebayor be fined for just celebrating? I guess there should be rules governing what goes on on the field of sports. I could remember yesterday watching the Ghana match agains SA when the guy (Osei or what ever the name is) who scored the winning goal was Yellow Carded. I heard the commentator said, this was because of the he went to the the spectator's line.

    In any case, I will not pay a penny to any pastor to bless me, afteral, ma old boy can even give me more of such blessings.

    Hope you doing well.

  2. Hi Ogyakro,

    Ignorance is the main problem our people are facing today, igronance of the word of God is a deadly cancer destroying lots of souls.The good book says in John 8:32 that we shall Know the truth and the truth shall set us free.

    What does the good book teach us about blessing? Mathew 10:18 was very straight forward about that, it says "Make well those who are ill, give life to the dead,make the lepers clean,freely it has been given to you, freely give"
    This is Gods instruction as far as blessing is concerned.Now think about someone who goes and buys(Pays For) powers to work signs and miracles it is very obvious such a person is in for business and will charge for even listening to your problem.A lot of these charlatans are in the system these days profaning the name of the lord and it is very easy to identify them by their fruits.
    Rayselorm made a very important point about Fatherly blessing,it is very very powerful. It runs through the bible and it works very very well. Instead of paying huge sumes of monies for these thieves lets give it to our Dads and Mums and ask them to bless us and Believe me God almighty will honor their blessings.

    My Good friend Agyakrom, I have just receide tons of mails and so I will keep in touch.

    Have a nice day,

    Rev. XcyBoRg


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