Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Yaa Asentewaa’s Cry from Beyond - Run my Baby Run

Dear Odikro Fiifii Atta,
I have been compelled to file this protest to you from “nsamando” over a rather curious matter. Since you took over the reins of power in Ogyakrom, we in the “world of ghosts” have watched in amazement as you work hard to transform your country into the greatest prayer camp on earth. In one of the many prayer meetings, as the gathering extolled Odomankoma in melodious harmony, the great messenger of Odomankoma breezed through the gathering as the worshipers cried for Elijah and his fire. At this point, a new and very strange prayer topic was introduced. “As we Pray for the return of Elijah, let’s also pray to the Almighty to look favorably upon our president and release Yaa Asentewaa back into our fold, otherwise our President’s desire to see forty percent of executive positions occupied by women cannot be met”. “Many of our women today are either too scared or have blatantly refused the call to serve”.

Ei President Fiifii ! Please pray and eschew play but don’t attempt to procreate the world with your ancestors- It is an abomination! I have stayed away from the politics of mortals since I made my journey to the village, but since I have been provoked by the attempt to recall me from eternal rest, I will say my piece.

Who says there are no more women like Yaa to fulfill operation 40? They are there, but they are refusing to be tainted by Ogyakrom’s meaningless politics. Many descent Men and Women of our great country will simply not touch your politics lest it tarnishes their good names. The women, being more sensitive to what happens to the names they bear, have decided to walk away from the trap of politics. If you speak to the few that brave the terrain like Auntie Bettie, Sister Hanna and Maa Zita, you will appreciate what great sacrifice they have made by rallying round operation 40.

Enthusiastic young men and women resign from well paying jobs to serve in Ogyakrom’s public service, but immediately the government that appoints them changes, they are made to proceed on very long leaves not supported by any labour decree. And do you know how difficult it is for these people to be employed again? Which business wants to employ people who have been clearly tagged as “enemies of government”? The situation leaves very few professions amenable to such appointments - Lawyers, Lecturers and Retirees.
Odikro Atta, how come our nephew Obama can convince his predecessor’s defense secretary to stay at post when he became president of America, but you must fire anybody who touched anything public during the reins of your predecessor? “Taflatse” even the man who touched the public excreta must be fired. Ebei! Odikro, Ogyakrom is under a curse! The curse is called Politics. Politicking has even turned the abomination of the pit (latrine) into a trophy.

I am not oblivious to the fact that my cousin’s great nephew Odikro Agyekum who preceded you bears a huge responsibility in this mess- point to an elephant and you have a job. Even jobs that required strict selection processes were not spared the theory and practice of “ebusua ntse fa”. He set up a board to find brilliant young people to work in the Foreign Service, when the list was handed to his minister with the recommendation to appoint the first thirty in order of merit; the bloke started picking a new set of thirty from the bottom of the list. What were these people thinking? Didn’t they care about the quality of staff that will represent this country in the world? Faced with the misdeeds of your predecessor, I understand your dilemma. But does that suggest that all Odikro Kuffuor’s appointees are not qualified for the jobs they hold? Are you sure all his appointees have nothing to offer this country in the capacity they serve in? Martin Mireku, GTB, Esi Ano Sackey, Ghana Airports company, Prof Ken Attafuah, NIA, Jude Adu-Amankwah, ECG, Robert Ahomka-Lindsay, GIPC to mention a few. Assuming that these are all NPP card bearing members, does that disqualify them from their positions?

If your beef is with the partisan nature appointments were made, one would think that you will setup clear guidelines and procedures to insulate such appointments from political interference. But that was not to be, cheered on by Odikro Boom and your so called foot soldiers, you replace all these “elephantizers” with your own umbrella wielding appointees. From the board room down to the kitchen of the school feeding program umbrellas now stand where elephants used to graze.

With this kind of politics, you want the daughters of Ogyakrom to resign from decent and respectful jobs to join you to build Ghana? To what end? You know the reward? A kick in the ass, after the next change in government. Your emissaries have contacted my great, great daughter Akosua Dufie, who works in Gyamine to bring her rich expertise to help her motherland. You’re kidding aren’t you? I have sent her this message in her sleep- a job in Ogyakrom’s public service? Run my baby run, for your own good run!

The President was startled out of his afternoon nap. “Sir, Any problem ?” Ayariga asked as he closed the door and walked towards the president. “I thought I heard you shout “Yaa it’s not me, it’s not me”. His excellency was in deep thought. He took a glance at his spokesman and said, “Ayariga” . “Yes Sir” the president’s aid responded. “Where is the list? Who did we plan to sack next?”

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